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Dr. Naresh Chand Maheshwari

Dr. R.M.C.V Rao

Mr Ajay Garg

Mr. Vinod Kumar Goyal

Ms. Jyoti Rai

Mr. Paresh Shah

Composition and Tenure:

National Council:
Total elected members to the National executive council would be 14, which would be elected regionwise in proportion to the membership of the regions directly by the members of the region. In addition to the elected members, there would be 7 directors/ members of the National Council would be nominated by the Central Govt./FMC/ Regulator/FICCI or other national bodies as decided by the National Council of this Association. An individual person/nominee of the same numbers can remain in office for the maximum period of two terms of 3 years each consecutively.

Regional Councils:
DPAI is an all India body comprising of four regional committees.The elected strength of each Regional Council shall be 15 members out of which 11 will be elected from the members of that region by that region, remaining 4 will be nominated by the National Council, but should be from the same region.The strength of the State Council would be 11 members, out of which 7 will be elected from the members of that state by the members of that state.Executive members in chapter would be 7 out of which 5 would be elected members and two would be nominated members.
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