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Dear All,

It is my profound privilege to communicate with a mammoth family of 844 Dp’s of NSDL and CDSL operating through 27,358 locations providing demat services to 231 lacs satisfied investors, through new DPAI website.

The website has been thoroughly revised, expended to make it more user friendly and to provide all useful information to our members at a glance. Latest circular of NSDL, CDSL, SEBI, etc has been included as part of information pool of this website.

The list of National Executive Members and Regional councils have been provided on the site with their contacts. I hope this will be used extensively for interaction and sharing views. Site provides a healthy account of our association's work over last many years. Photograph gallery of several events, meetings and conventions also give a wonderful insight into the vibrant association that DPAI has evolved into.

You are aware DPAI is in continuous engagement with Government, SEBI, Exchanges, NSDL and CDSL over various issues that concern the members and DP’s. Recently, the SEBI has mandated both the depositories and KRA’s to have quarterly meeting with the DPAI/ representatives to address various operational issues in the capital market. The meetings are to be properly structured with minutes and action taken reports. These will be taken cognizance of by SEBI . This is very useful measure envisaged by SEBI and undoubtedly will help in resolving the long pending issues relating to different operating procedures adopted by depositories.

Viability of DP operations as a separate profit centre has to be ensured. Various suggestions in this regard have been submitted to depositories by DPAI and we are confident of a positive decision in this regard. The next trajectory of growth in DP operations will start with single unified demat account covering all financial assets, as has been purposed in the previous budget. Therefore, it is equally important to continue building investors’ confidence and it is our paramount duty in helping investors to make informed decisions.

The internet and social media have come to play an important role. DPAI hopes to use this as an effective tool to communicate with members and DP’s with the public at large and as a first step, communication through websites is being made more active.
With best Wishes for Happy and prosperous new year

Dr. Naresh Maheshwari,

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